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github and whatmore by RePod 2017/02/22(Wed) 16:51  

Now that we're settled in on the repository, might as well use it to the fullest.

There's also currently a deathbattle going on over licensing!

github and whatnot by spoot 2015/03/28(Sat) 07:11   Link

Due to a recent call for a github and .tk's having a seizure last night giving me flashbacks I finally got off my dead ass and put this sucker on github.
Now if the site's dead one way or another you can go there. Or you can contribute stuff if you really wanted to. Anyway, click "Link" to be transported to a magical world of stuff.
Something to note as well is that github's now the place to go for a cutting edge copy of saguaro. I'll change the download link in the side bar of the site to reflect this for now, but I'll leave the old page up under "legacy downloads" or somesuch in case you've got some sort of morbid curiosity for the old versions.

New beta update by spoot 2014/04/19(Sat) 17:23  

Thanks to the huge contributions of RePod and our other friends we now have a new beta update available.

This includes a fix for the page switcher and a suite of scripts written by RePod using jquery and adds new features such as infinite scrolling, image expansion and image search buttons. The new features of course can all be toggled on and off from the config.php file, so if you don't want to use the javascript features and just want the pager fix, then there you go.

Be aware that this is a beta, and while is should be stable, don't be surprised if things go wrong.

And if things do happen to go wrong, please be sure to let us know on /suprt/, and be sure to check /suprt/ and /sug/ for any new posts from RePod concerning the scripts.

Net Neutrality by spoot 2014/01/16(Thu) 12:55   Link

I felt the need to break my long maintained radio silence and announce that I am not in fact dead.

This may not be an update relevant to saguaro, sorry to disappoint all 3 of you who use it, but I feel that it's relevant to all users of the internet no matter the level of your usage.

The idea of net neutrality is something that's very near and dear to my heart because I spend so much time online myself, and recently it's been dealt a major blow.

Look, I won't sit here and spend hours typing up an essay claiming that aliens and the illuminati are running the US into the ground and that we're one step closer to being herded like cattle; I don't believe that, but what I will say is that this is another case of people regulating something they do not understand, and we will all suffer for it if nothing is done.

The basic gist of this is that recent developments mean that an ISP can dictate what can and cannot be accessed on the service that their customers are paying for and control how fast those sites and services are brought to you.

Worst case scenario, this means blocking/throttling/paygating things they don't like like netflix, youtube, independent new sites, etc. And if you think this doesn't affect you, take a look at how many sites or internet based services are based out of the US. Yes, that means those are susceptible to being taken offline or otherwise impeded.

The link I'm putting up is a link to the petition to re-classify ISPs as common carriers and at least temporarily halt any more attempts on net neutrality.

Please, sign the petition, call/write your local politicians and spread the word about how bad this is and how bad it can really get, and if you're not in the US, you can still help by signing this (, among other things.

News Link:

Hello. Come here often? by spoot 2013/02/11(Mon) 07:21  

Been a while, eh?
Yep new version. This one's a slight update to 0.98 so it's 0.98.1.
I (hopefully) fixed that cookie-related php error some people were getting. Also thanks to a friend of mine there's now a language file for Brazilian Portuguese.
So if you wanted that, there you go.
As usual drop by the download page to grab it and let me know in either /suprt/ or the IRC channel if something's up with it.

New Domain by spoot 2012/11/20(Tue) 12:09  

Sadly, seems to be no more, and as a result, we went down as well.
While it is a bit sad to see the domain I've been rolling with for three years die, and I'm losing possible traffic because of the domain dying, there are good points.
Who am I kidding, this pretty much just flat-out sucks.
I'd like to ask you to please refrain from touching anything on the boards for a day or two while I get things ironed out.
If you need to contact me, my old email is obviously dead, so use my new one: